Cheat Sheet: Volume #13

Not only did my emotional pick of Georgia over Auburn end up being wrong last week, the game itself ended up being the most emotional college football game of the season. And let’s not even discuss how the Bulls routed the Pacers, giving Indiana their first loss. We were 0 for 2 last week. Shame on us.

On a brighter note, Best Man Holiday, as predicted, has been a box office success so far! At least we’re good at picking movies!

Cheat Sheet Volume #13

Tessanne Chin & Usain Bolt

Tessanne Chin & Usain Bolt

The Jamaican Connection- Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest human, dropped by NBC’s The Voice on Monday night to show support for contestant and fellow Jamaican, Tessanne Chin.
Run, Usain, run: Like lightening, Bolt’s quickness is fascintaingly scary. At the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Usain raced his way to 3 gold medals and to three world records in the 100m, 200m, and the 4×100. And lightening does strike twice because at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he defended his three gold medals.
Sing, Tessanne, sing: Jamaican-born vocalist, Tessanne Chin, has been one of this season’s favorites on The Voice. During Monday night’s live performances, Tessanne admitted she was honored that Usain was in the audience showing his support for her. Team Adam’s Ms. Chin has one of the best voices the show’s ever heard, and she’s opened up for acts like Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight, so it’s Usain that should be honored that Tessanne is on the national stage repping Jamaica.
Athlete of the Year: Just this month, Usain won his fifth IAF Male Athlete of the Year award, an honor that comes with a nice little trophy and an even nicer $100,000. Additionally, PUMA, in September, renewed their sponsorship deal with Usain. Ummmm…cha-ching!
Voice of the Year: Not to get ahead of ourselves, but there’s no way Tessanne won’t finish in The Voice’s top. And if she doesn’t, she’s still the Voice of the Year in our book. Jamaica, represent!



California Love - The Golden State Warriors travel to SoCal to face the Kobe-less Lakers in tonight’s NBA matchup of western conference foes.
All gold everything: Over the past several seasons, Golden State has created a new identity for itself, going from virtual irrelevance to being one of the western conference’s top teams. Their high-octane offense, starring Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, is one of the best shows around. And if you thought McKayla’s “Not Impressed” face was funny, watch Warriors’ head coach Mark Jackson’s face during a game, and he’ll really show what not being impressed looks like.
Let’s get that old thing back: Ahhhh, to go back to a time when winning was easy, Kobe was healthy, and the Lakers were in the Finals conversation before the season even started. These days, Coach Mike D’Antoni can barely even decide on a starting lineup. The light at the end of the Purple and Gold tunnel is that, as players like Jordan Hill, Wesley Johnson, and Nick Young, get more comfy in their roles, it looks like the Lakers may eventually find their competitive edge.
What Lakers fans are saying: Laker Nation all day, baby!
Here’s what you say: Sure, Mark Jackson is not happy with his bench players, and yes, the Warriors have had a ton of injuries this year. But even a banged up Golden State team, I think, can beat the Lakers on their home court. The Lakers definitely play better at home than when away, but “it” just hasn’t clicked for them yet. Golden State will probably shoot them out of the gym. I pick the Warriors to win.


As the NFC East World Turns - The 5-5 Cowboys try to improve their record against the 4-6 Giants who are at home in New York on Sunday.
Unpredictable: The NFC East’s story lines have been the NFL’s most interesting this season. From Foles outperforming Vick in Philly┬áto Tony Romo’s late-game brain farts, it’s been a soap opera for the ages. With the exception of the dismal 3-7 Redskins, it’s still any man’s race in that division.
The G-Men advantage: Eli and the Giants are on a 4 game winning streak, and their defense, when clicking on all cylinders, can be one of the Legaue’s scariest. And then there’s the Eli factor. Though he wasn’t much of a factor at the beginning of the season when fans were calling for his head on a platter, it seems like Eli’s desperation has turned into resolve.
America’s Team’s advantage: If Demarco Murray and Dez Bryant have good games, then Dallas will likely add a “W” to the column. The Cowboys are that close to being neck-and-neck with Philly for the division lead. That alone makes this game a must-win for Dallas.
What football fans are saying: This game could either be a train wreck or the best game of the day. Count me in.
Here’s what you say: Really, you never know what you’re gonna get with either of these teams. Maybe Eli has a breakout game. Maybe Tony Romo doesn’t do something ridiculously stupid in the 4th quarter. But the Cowboys are coming off a bye-week, and I think they’ll be in better form. During this Giants winning streak, they haven’t played any top teams. I’m going with Dallas.

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