Hotties Handbook To Sports


Hotties Handbook to Sports is a sassy guide using trendy, non-intimidating approaches to teach women about sports while incorporating sports subcultures of fashion, fitness, relationships, community, and more.

Plot Outline

Sports are more than winning or losing and stinky jerseys. They’re about fashion savvy spectators and the connection felt between strangers cheering for the same team. They’re being motivated by an athlete’s physique to achieve your own fitness goals. They’re adding excitement to a relationship by splurging on the best seats in the arena.

Sports = Lifestyle.

We shy away from concepts we do not understand and reject ideas to which we feel we cannot relate. That has long been the relationship between women and sports. Hotties Handbook simplifies the technical aspect of sports while incorporating popular culture.

Through humorous vlogs, informative episodes, and interactive challenges, everyone from the relatively clueless to the athletically accomplished will develop a better knowledge of and appreciation for sports.

Sports are the focus; celebrating their subcultures is the highlight.